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The World Boardgaming Championships

at the Lancaster Host in Lancaster, PA

What is RoboRally?

The World Boardgaming Championships

 This years convention will be held the second weekend of August at the Lancaster Host, in Lancaster, PA.

The Boardgame Players Association

The WBC is run by the Boardgame Players Association (BPA). The BPA was created for the purpose of running the WBC and it's members are the boardgamers themselves. If you're interested in attending check it out and join up, members get to vote on pretty much everything to do with the convention, and most memberships come with free admission(s) to the WBC.

Robo Rally Tournament Format

Two-3hr 3 flag heats and one deathmatch heat leading up to the semi-final.

All winners in the first round heats will advance to the semi-finals. We are reducing the number of players per board in the preliminary rounds to approximately 6. Since this is likely to increase the number of winners, we will have, if necessary, a semi-final.

In all heats and rounds, players will be assigned to boards randomly

Each table will be provided with a timer to limit programming time to two minutes. If any player requests it the first two programming turns can be three minutes long. 

The final game will strictly follow the two-minute turn rule.

Special Tournament Rules

1) Expansions - Only the basic set will be used in the preliminary heats and Semi-final. All rounds may use boards from the new Avalon Hill basic set or the original. Finals may use additional boards from expansions at the GMs discretion

2) Board Selection and flag placement

  • Most preliminary rounds will use 2 board 3 flag setups which will be pre-defined by the GM. Board layout may depend on whether the original WoC set is used, or the newer AH set.
  • Death-match will use a single board pre-selected by the GM
  • Expect the harder boards to be added in later rounds

3) Time limits - Programming phases will have a time limit of 2 minutes. Each table will be supplied with a two minute timer to enforce this. (Note that the first two turns can be three minutes if any player so requests.)

4) Arbitration - The heats are scheduled for three hours and any game that can't be finished in that time will be adjudicated. Most games will finish in under 3 hours. The following criteria will be used to determine placing in normal games requiring adjudication, (A first round game is considered to be over after the first player has touched the final flag)

  • Most flags touched
  • Optimal Card Distance to next flag*
  • Most lives left
  • First to touch last touched flag

*This is the number of cards it would take to reach the flag given the best possible hand - locked registers will be taken into account. GM's decision is final (If GM is involved then assistant GMs' decision is final.)

The following criteria will be used to determine placing in death-match games

  • Last robot killed (Robots that are not dead place higher than those that are)
  • Least damage take
  • Best positioning as determined by the GM*
  • Die roll

*The GM (or assistants if the GM is involved in the tie) will determine based on position which robot has better position to damage/destroy the other robot in the following turns (including the positions of other living robots). If there is no clear advantage, the outcome will be determined by a die roll.

5) Option special rules - Use of the retractable arm to touch a checkpoint will result in a robots archive being updated.

6) Advancing to the finals - Everyone that wins a game in one of the three heats will advance to the semi-final round. Only winners will advance.

7) Late Arrivals - Any player who arrives after any heat or round has started will not be allowed to play in that heat or round.

8) Conduct - Players will be expected to conduct themselves in a manner that promotes good game play. Any player not doing so will be disqualified.

9) A.R.E.A. - All games will be A.R.E.A. rated. No exceptions.

Death-match Rules (Wacky Wednesday Heat)

  • A single board will be used
  • Players will not receive any heads, a single death means elimination
  • No shutdowns will be allowed
  • starting positions will be pre-determined by the GM, players will select starting positions randomly all players will be on different starting positions
  • There will be 6-8 players per game
  • There will be no flags on the board
  • Last robot standing is the winner
  • All other roborally rules are as normal

Tournament Officials

The GM for this tournament is going to be Marc Houde the humble creator of this webpage. I will be assisted by Michael Mahady, a good friend, and Brad Johnson, who has won this tournament numerous times, and will appoint other assistants at game time. When either of those two are not there.

Other Information

The following FAQ's will be used as guidelines for resolving rules disputes.

RoboRally FAQ This is a compilation of the RoboRally Basic FAQ and the Armed and Dangerous FAQ that used to be on Wizards of the Coasts website.

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